Allergy and Asthma Symptoms Attributed to Candida Overgrowth

Someone picked up a copy of “The Allergy and Asthma Cure Book” by Dr. Fred Pescatore, who attributes many of these symptoms to candida overgrowth. He described her symptoms to a “T”. She then started on his diet (pretty much) and nutritional supplements a couple of weeks ago, and has started to see some improvement.

What it basically says is when a person has been sick, traumatized or under pressure such as emotional or even chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation from appliances or wiring, when they have a toxin load, the body can begin to fail to produce an essential ingredient.

This relates to the energy-intensive, 15 step process it takes to convert glucose to other essential sugars that are used to make cell receptor sites. When the receptor sites are malformed because of a deficiency of the correct sugars, a lack of control of many cellular responses results in overactive, under active, or even autoimmune responses, infection, and recognizing cancer.

Eighty six diseases are linked to a lack of these essential sugars in the receptor sites. But you can take the correct sugars for the time being until your body gets back into gear and takes over manufacturing them again. These are called glyconutrients, meaning “essential sugar nutrients”. They are usually deficient in the diet, and even healthy people can benefit by taking them.

I learned about this from four local nurses who have reported some pretty miraculous cures. I have seen enough to know this is all correct; a friend was wasting away with an autoimmune disorder called inclusion body myositis. The disease kills in about 4 years. I had the friend on several products to stave off the wasting, but when he started on Ambrotose, he actually started gaining again! The whole family is very pleased.

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