All Over Itching As Sign of Candida Die-Off

A friend of mine asked me if all over itching would be a sign of candida die-off. She is taking Pau D’Arco less than 1/3 to the recommended dose and thinking if it could be the reaction. She took the drops in water yesterday and today, but the itching started yesterday. This is the type of itching that drives you nuts. She is taking probiotics, use coconut oil and milk, and oil of Oregano.

I have had the same experience. Actually, I was itching before. However, it went away like magic once I started taking Threelac. I got a new container and instead of 1 3 times a day before each meal I started for the last week taking 2 in the morning before each meal and two in the afternoon. I do feel much more energetic and overall well. I have felt lethargic and depressed for some time and that has seemed to magically lift.

Typically, it is a sign of detoxification. You are trying to eliminate from all places, including your skin. Do drink more water, and do some dry skin brushing. You can look it up in some old books. You can do it with a cotton towel, a loofa, or vegetable soft bristle brush. Strokes toward the center, towards your belly. The goal is to get the lymph moving so that it can get rid of its load.

When I was getting the die-off, I drink a lot of water and I make sure to keep it up. Try the dry skin brushing and stop the Pau D’Arco for a few days to see if it eases up. If your diet is very good, just lets see how this goes.

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