Adding Yeast Avenger That Would Work for Your Candida Treatment

So, do you think that just the Feed n Seed and Yeast Avenger would work for your candida treatment? I would think it is definitely a good start! To ensure proper feeding of the good bacteria, I would add inulin, an alternative to FOS powder. This worked really well for me, along with digestive enzymes and HCI. Just make sure you follow the Ecology Kit instructions about using Yeast Avenger by taking 3 capsule at bed time or when waking on a empty stomach, then the second week take start the Feed n Seed the opposite time of the yeast avenger. It is very important. I almost forgot but the guy from CFS wrote this when I asked a question.

An excellent adjunct to the Yeast Avenger and Feed n Seed products are fresh pressed garlic allowed to stand about 2 minutes before consuming. Garlic kills candida, but doesn’t kill the bacteria in our products. If you find the garlic too strong, chase it quickly with water. If still too strong, mix olive oil on the spoon to coat the garlic. One medium sized clove a day for 2 weeks to a month can be quite effective and even better if followed with the probiotics.

Also, someone asked what if she added using the Yeast Avenger with the Threelac, since she already have some. She can’t afford to buy more and need to know what she thinks might work. She wants to know if the Oxygen Elements is equal to any of the CFSN items. That would work fine for using the Yeast Avenger and Threelac. I buy my FOS free Inulin for the prebiotic. Oxygen Elements is a product that enhances oxygen levels in your body to fight off viruses and bacteria and no CFS item that doesn’t have anything like that, that I know of.

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