A Lubricant That Eliminate Yeast Infections

Since college, my friend has had really bad yeast infections, until she finds a certain product that helps. They came large when she was sexually active, but sometimes she would just get them out of the blue. She was a classic candida farm given that she lives a very high-stress life and eat way, way too much sugar (definite addict that working on it, though). Anyway, the infections were annoying, but not that much of a problem until she got married. She started getting several infections each month which was a really big problem as intimacy is very important to her and her husband. She did intense diflucan, clotrimazole, monistat, etc.

When that wasn’t helping, she moved on to homeopathic approaches, worked with a naturopath, a Chinese herbalist, stopped eating wheat and sugar, did candida cleanses, etc. Nothing helped, and she just kept getting the infections. Finally, it occurred to her husband that perhaps it was the glycerin in the lubricant that they were using that was causing the problem. Sure enough, when they switched to a non-glycerin lube, infections lessened, but they didn’t go away. Then, her husband discovered a lubricant called O’My that has hemp seed oil in it which the company claimed helps to inhibit yeast infections.

O’My worked and completely eliminated her infections. She hasn’t gotten a single infection in over a year, which is amazing. She uses it during intimacy and also sometimes she just put a bit on topically, particularly when she is feeling really dry. It is absolutely fabulous and she wants to recommend it to everybody. She recommends the 8 ounces size.

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